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Flatter Your Body Type: semi-fitted tops

As you can probably guess, one of my favorite television shows is TLC’s What Not to Wear. One of Stacy and Clinton’s favorite mantras is when you wear clothes that fit your body, you look smaller. In other words, wearing loose or baggy clothes will make you look larger than you are. Within the realm of “clothes that fit your body” there are many variations. One of the fits that flatters most bodies is semi-fitted. For today’s post, I want to sing the virtues of the semi-fitted top. “Semi-fitted” is just what it sounds like. It’s not tight and it’s not loose, a.k.a. baggy. These tops hint at your body shape without showing it off or flaunting it. Hence, this is a great style for business, too. Semi-fitted tops best flatter women with a straighter waistline and women who have a tiny bit of a tummy. No matter what physical shape you’re in, if you have a boyish waist line, wearing tops that are tight or hug your torso only emphasizes your lack of curves. Likewise, wearing a tight top over your belly emphasizes the curve of your stomach. Alternatively, semi-fitted tops, as you can see (Read more...)

Coats-my necessary evil!

I have to admit, I don’t really like wearing coats. Strange for Colorado, huh? I like looking at coats, but not wearing them. Luckily, contrary to popular belief around the country, there aren’t many days here in the winter that you need a heavy coat. Nevertheless, I’ve found that no matter how hard I try to deny it, we need coats! Last year I was really excited to find a lightweight winter coat. Unfortunately, I learned it’s not warm enough!

So…I found myself coat shopping at the big sale at Macy’s over the weekend. It led me to thinking about what’s important to consider when you’re shopping for a coat. Here are a few thoughts to ponder:

-Do I wear mostly pants or skirts? A car coat is fine if you rarely wear skirts.
-How dressy are most of my clothes?
-What’s my body shape? Will a fitted coat suit me or is an A-Line better for my figure?
-Will I wear jackets and bulky sweaters under my coat? If so, be sure to try the coat
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Does size matter?

I was giving a presentation last week and one of the participants asked me "Does size matter?" My answer? No! No! No! As women, we're so conditioned to judging ourselves by the clothing size we wear. On top of that, manufacturers and designers are driving us crazy with the inconsistencies in their sizing. The fact of the matter is that the only thing that really counts is being healthy and making sure our clothes fit us correctly. A number is just a number! You can take a size 6, an 8, and a 10 from 3 different makers and lay them all on top of each other. Chances are good that often times they'll all be the same exact size! I always say that if I ever got tired of image consulting (which I can't ever imagine!) I would lobby congress for a law to require sizes to be standardized. As I mentioned earlier, our identities are often tied to the number we wear. And most of us feel better when that number is smaller. It seems to make sense that designers would realize that if they make their clothes true to size or a little bit big, they'll sell more (Read more...)